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Art Singel 100 is 33 years active and part of the art scene of Amsterdam
The gallery is located at 8 minutes walk from the Central Station





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Alberto Carrera
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Judith Heinsohn
Jan van Eden

Esther Levigne
Ger Meinema
Jorge Gay Molins
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Philippe Bouttens
Colette Curfs
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Patricia Lippert
Anton Martineau
Tejo Philips
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Mapi Rivera
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Sadik Kwaish

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Unni Askeland
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Harry van der Woud
Diego Pombo
Raymond Boekelder



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Jan van Eden

Sabayes - Spain

van Eden-





Life and work
Landmarks & Breakpoints in the development


Het bruidspaar, 1962
Eggtempera on hardboard, 122x165
Reference: 622001

First painting on a larger scale. Painted in selfmade eggtempera. Also forerunner of the metropolis series of the eighties and nineties.









Vivre sa vie (Ana Karina), 1963
Gouache and pastel crayon on paper, 47x35 cm
Collection: the artist (not for sale)
Note: Nana in the film 'Vivre sa vie' of Jean Luc Goddard
Reference: 636002

First drawing with strong personal style characteristics. My discovery of abstract values in a portrait without losing the psychological content. The main character features done in black are henceforth characteristic in my work.










644001c.bmp (969222 bytes)Nude, 1964
Oil on paper, 100x78 cm
Reference: 644001

This expressionistic, colourful nude is the first one of a long series. Heavy, black contours, a reduced colourscheme and open, transparent volumes are characteristic.











Provo meisje, 1964
Pastel crayon on paper, 65x50 cm
Reference: 645004

Archetype of my figuration. Graphic image combined with other technique, introducing volume.












Seated nude, 1964
Ink on paper, 65x50 cm
Reference: 645011

Expressionist pendrawing in ink on paper. One of the first in a long series.












Womans bust, 1966
Oil on paper, 100x75 cm
Reference: 664008

Imaginary portrait in oil on paper served as a basis for large format heads in the late seventies and eighties.












Man in blue room, 1971
Oil on linen, 151,5x122 cm
Reference: 712501

One of the first single figures that is placed in a context, a basic interior.












Seated woman in leather jacket, 1977
Ink and photocollage on paper, 65x51 cm
Collection: The artist
Note: Original drawing was starting point for a long series of drawings and paintings with this theme.
Reference: 775001

First example of the collage technique in combination with drawing in ink. Archetype of a woman on a high chair. Most common subject in my work henceforth.










Seated woman, 1979
Oil and acrylic on cotton, 150x116 cm
Collection: the artist (not for sale)
Note: first of a long series
Reference: 792501

First painting in highly personal graphic style. In essence a direct translation of a collage and ink drawing to large format oil and acrylic on cotton.













Yellow executive, 1980
Oil and acrylic on linen, 150x116 cm
Collection: the artist (not for sale)
Reference: 802501

First achievement in a dynamic personal style, bringing together execution and content. Brakethrough after a difficult and unproductive period of seven years in which I struggled with style-elements foreign to me.










830105_7.tif (3172264 bytes)

The legitimate regime, 1983
Oil and acrylic on linen, three panels each 200x150 cm
Reference: 830105

First of the tryptichs exploring great themes on the origins and abuse of authority, like, in this case, the legitimate regime. Governments that entertain us with sports and wargames, keeping the society hostage in a dome of false pretensions.




890301.tif (1111826 bytes)Breaking through the rainbow, 1989
Oil and acrylic on cotton, 200x150 cm
Reference: 890301

First in the metropolis series, symbolising the modern, dynamic, kapitalist world without limitations.












892504.tif (1153336 bytes)Saudades do Brasil, 1989
Oil and acrylic on cotton, !50x116 cm
Reference: 892504

First on the theme of the environment, tropical forests and the disappearance of great animals.












895009.jpg (96131 bytes)De hoed maakt de vrouw, 1989
Phototransfer, ink and colour pencil on paper, 65x50 cm
Collection: Private collection, Madrid
Reference: 895009

Variation on the collage and ink technique, with photo-transfers.












Streetscene, 1998
Oil and acrylic on cotton, 166x98 cm
Note: Three panels
Reference: 9

New development with figuration placed in the background through the application of nearly monochrome colourwashes. Prominence of narrow vertical white lines and the usage of seperate panels within the painting.










Belphoebe, Chastity, grace and courage,2003
Oil and acrylic on cotton, 150x200 cm
eference: 032001

A series inspired by "The faery Quenee" the icon of the renaissance literature by Spenser, published in 1590 - 1596. Spenser considered his work "a historical fiction" which men should read for "delight" rather than "the profit of the ensample". The Faerie Queene was written for Queen Elizabeth to read and was dedicated to her.







Al-Nakba, Long shadows nr. 1,  2007
Oil and acrylic on cotton, 120x180x4 cm
Reference: 072212

Paintings based on historical photographs from 1948 refering to the Palestinian Nakba.










The blue man,2007
Digital photocollage, 6 colour print on HP Premium Plus Satin photopaper
,59,7x75,26 cm
Reference:  077004


The use of street photography in the assembly of photocollages










Demolition 9-11,2008
Oil on cotton, 180x240 cm
Reference: 082202

Political issues that convert the western world in a prison for a brainwashed populace.











She (La signora di tutti), 2014
Oil and pastel crayon on cotton
,120x180x5 cm,
Reference: 143301


Paintings in a realistic style based on screenshots of the cinema.










De baadster van Rembrandt van Rijn gezien in het Rijks Museum,2017
Oil and pastel crayon on cotton,180x120 cm
Reference: 172201








Famous women stepping out of their paintings. The use of pastel crayon for the main character on a backdrop in thin oil paint on cotton.