The room







Jan van Eden
Singel 100
1015AD  Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 6257764
M: +31 (0) 619685868


To unload your luggage, park your car in front of Singel 100 with two wheels on the sidewalk. Then, depending on the length of your stay you have two options.



Parking-garage De Kolk  - at 3 minutes walk

Nieuwezijdse Kolk 18 - 1012 PV - Amsterdam
52 per day

From Singel 100, over the bridge and back on Singel until the traffic lights
Turn right and right again at the next traffic lights, follow the wide street along the tram rails and into the (beautiful) underground parking. When you walk out of the parking, cross the tram rails and take one of the small alleys that lead to the Singel canal (3 minute walk).


If  you stay for a longer period, Zeeburg parking is recommended:

Parking in Park & Ride (P&R) Zeeburg - 20 minutes by tram

Zuiderzeeweg 46a
1095 KJ Amsterdam


The Park and Ride (P+R) parking Zeeburg is located on the outskirts of Amsterdam near the ring A-10. The idea is that you park your car for a low fee of 8,- for the first 24 hours and the following days only 1,- per day.

To Singel 100, take tram 26 to the Central Station and then tram 1, 2, 5, 13, or 17 for one stop or walk a few minutes.


From Singel 100 to Zeeburg (P&R)

Over the bridge and on the uneven side of Singel until the traffic lights

Then left and immediately right crossing the railway underneath, at the lights to the right and passing along the backside of the railway station, follow the road (between the water IJ and the railway), follow signs to the Ringway East (A 10) through the Piet Hein Tunnel and just after the tunnel look for parking signs P&R.